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PC Based Time & Attendance badge swipe system.
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Cosmetology Schools track student hours
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NOVATime SBE 1000 PIN Entry or Proximity Badge Time and Attendance System 
Records, Totals and Reports employee hours…25 Employee Software. Interfaces with A.D.P., Quickbooks Pro, Paychex and more. Perfect for small businesses! 
more info... $550.00

Time and Attendance News

                   Introduced in Febuary 2004, our On-Line store http://www.timeclockeshop.com is a resounding success and has thus far generated very positive remarks from customers.
If you are new to shopping on the web or even an experienced internet shopper, Time and Attendance for small business has never been easier!! Find a wealth of information and diverse product offerings for all things Time and Attendance. Most of our products are designed for the Do-it-Yourselfer...Save your company time and money with these self-install Time Clock Solutions.


About Biometric Time Clocks

                   For the latest in the accurate collection of payroll data, choose a Biometric Time Clock from Recognition Systems...whether its a Handpunch 1000 for 50 employees using a 50 foot data cable or a Handpunch 3000 for 512 employees connected to your TCP/IP Network...the Handpunch series of Biometric Time Clocks, paired with your choice of Employee Time Clock Software, provides the most accurate Biometric Time and Attendance Solution available. Eliminate Employee Buddy-Punching and regain control of your most costly expense, Labor!! Biometric Time Clocks maximize the convenience, accuracy and savings of a modern time clock system. Read More...


Time Date Stamp Machines

                   The Time Date Stamp machine while similiar in function to the traditional time recorder used in payroll timekeeping, the Time Date Stamp is used in very different applications and is a completely different piece of equipment. Manufactured for Heavy-Duty use it is not uncommon for a Time Date Stamp machine to imprint 1000 or more times a day. Electric Time Date and Numbering Stamps print on a wide variety of surfaces such as onion skin paper, heavy card stock or multiple copy forms. Specify where and When...Initiate better Document Control with our Automatic Time Date Stamps. Read More...


Security Perforators

                   Perforated holes can't be erased...A Perforator is used for the permanant and unalterable marking of documents. Used by a variety of Companies, Universities and Governmental agencies to securely and accurately control Time/Date Sensitive material, Perforators offer unlimited TEXT Combinations, such as DATE, PAID and DATE, VOID, numbers, etc. For secure Document Control consider a Security Perforator for your office. Read More...

VOID Perforator for Expired Driver's Licenses.Comply with the DOT / FMCSA 49 CFR Legislation 384.211 Surrender Procedure. How to Surrender and properly VOID Expired Drivers Licenses

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