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Watchman Clocks
Guard Tour Patrol Clock System

Amano PR600 Watchman Clock

Amano PR600 Watchman's Clock

Night Watchman, will insert and turn the station key, upon each visit to a checkpoint station.

Time, Date, Station Number and Watchman's Number is recorded onto an NCR Recording Paper Tape.

Amano Watchman Clock Logo

Acroprint ARES Watchman Clock Time System

Acroprint ARES Watchman Clock System

Security Guard, will simply touch the Recorder to the iButton station, upon each visit to a checkpoint.

Time Date, Station Number and Watchman's Number is downloaded and reported via the ARES software..

Acroprint Watchman Clock Logo

PR600 Watchman Clocks Patrol Record

Watchman's Clock Patrol Record Paper Tape

      • 1. At each recording station, the Guard Turns the numbered Station Key in the Watchman Clock Recorder

      • 2. This produces a hardcopy Record Tape, that includes the Station Key Number, Date, Hour and Minute and Guard Number, for each check point that was visited by the watchman.

      This Watchman Clock case is opened with the Master Key, to retrieve the recording paper tape.

ARES Watchman Clock Patrol Record Report

Watchman's Clock Patrol Record Report

      • 1. The Guards starts his or her "Shift" by touching the Guard Badge i-button to the Data Recorder.

      • 2. At each check point, the Guard simply touches the Data Recorder to the i-button station.

      • 3. The Data Recorder is then downloaded to the watchman Clocks ARES Guard Tour Software.

      This Watchman Clock data recorder is attached to the USB Download cradle, ARES Software provides historical reports.

Watchman Clocks ensure the Protection of your Facility and Property
increase accountability and morale of night watchman

Property damage from Vandalism and Theft is a constant problem for Business and Property owners. Preventing "Liabilty Risks" and maintaining security is another challenge that faces Correctional and Institutional facilities. Our Watchman Clocks and Watchman Systems provide facilities and businesses with a reliable and accurate system to record Rounds, Tours and Incidents by Security personnel and Watchman guards. “Let us provide a Guard Tour Recording solution for your facility”

We Specialize in Watchman's Clock Equipment to meet your exact requirements.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-838-5391 or Contact us via E-Mail.

Applications for Watchman Clocks

  • Guard Control
  • Facility Protection
  • Material Tracking
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Industrial Inspection and Billing

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