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InkJet Coding and Marking Printer
expiry dates, lot numbers and text on metal and plastic parts

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JetStamp 790MP Handheld InkJet Printer

Reiner Handheld InkJet Marking products are remarkable in function and quality in construction.

The JetStamp 790MP Series of handheld inkjet printers has a marking and coding solution for everyone. With highly customizable text options, the JetStamp family can print single or multi-line prints with up to 20 characters per line. The MP models of the JetStamp family can also print on nonabsorbent and uneven surfaces, such as curved metal, plastic, or glass. Common uses are for, part numbers, lot and expiration dates. The user-friendly LCD display allows you to toggle through up to 10 stored prints, allowing you to effortlessly switch from one fast to the next.

*The included PC Easy Set Software allows the user to pre-configure and then download the customized imprints.

Sample Lot Number and Expiry Date Imprints From JetStamp 790MP

    Features of the JetStamp 790MP InkJet Coding Printer

  • One and two line imprints
  • Character size 1/8 inch
  • Up to 20 characters maximum, per line
  • Unique self-traversing print head allows user to simply place JetStamp onto surface to be printed
  • Simple menu guidance through LCD display
  • Store and recall up to (10) Custom Text, Time-Date or Number imprints
  • MP models are able to print on non-absorbent surfaces including, metal, plastic and glass
    (Ink will NOT adhere to plastics made of Low-Density Polyethylene (L.D.P.E.)
  • In-line integration options with 791MP and 792MP models only

    additional MP-Series JetStamp Coding Printers

  • The JetStamp 791MP - MS Office Integration.
    (selected text in MS-Word is ready for printing on 791MP)
  • The JetStamp 792MP - Requires unit to be plugged into power supply.
    (possible in-line operations can be achieved, however, reduces
    mobility compared to model 790MP

Consider the Supplier behind the System...
"Since 1962"

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Product Resources
brochures, manuals, technical specs

  • User Manual

  • Dimensions: 3.75"(w)x 3.10"(l)x 6.75"(h)x

  • Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.

    What's in the Box:

  • JetStamp 790MP InkJet Printer

  • PC Set Easy Software for configuring imprints

  • Download Cradle / Charger Base

  • Power Supply

  • (1) Quick-Dry Black Ink Cartridge

  • (4) AAA Rechargeable Batteries

    Item: JetStamp790MP

    Our Price: $1,999.00

System Accessories
Optional Upgrades and Supplies

Replacement Quick-Dry Black InkJet Cartridge Replacement Quick-Dry InkJet Cartridge
for JetStamp 790MP

Ink Color=BLACK

Item: CART-MP-Black
Price: $79.00

Replacement Quick-Dry Red InkJet Cartridge Replacement Quick-Dry InkJet Cartridge
for JetStamp 790MP

Ink Color=RED

Item: CART-MP-Red
Price: $79.00

Replacement QDX Quickest-Dry Black InkJet Cartridge Replacement Q.D.X InkJet Cartridge for JetStamp 790MP - (for glass and difficult substrates)

Ink Color=BLACK

Item: CART-QDX-Black
Price: $95.00

Replacement Rechargeable Batteries Replacement Rechargeable Batteries
for JetStamp 790MP

(recommended by mfg)

Item: MP-RechargeBATTS
Price: $25.00

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