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The Max Laser Etching Machine, model M5Box20w is perfect for Laser Materials Processing such as Laser Marking and Coding, Laser Etching of custom Fonts, Images and Data-Driven Track and Trace Datamatrix Barcodes used in product manufacturing.

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Max m5Box20W Laser Etching Machine

The Max m5Box-20W is an easy to use, plug-and-play Laser Etching Machine that makes Laser Marking and Laser Etching of Products and Widgets, simple and efficient...with a very outstanding marking result and unalterable/permanent laser etching.

The Max Laser Etching Machine can perform Laser Etching on most non-porous surfaces, such as metal, wood, plastic, or glass. Common uses are for, Laser Etching of Part Numbers, lot and Manufactured Date coding. Track and Trace Identification Etching and Laser Marking for Manufacturing such as; Laser Etch machine-readble 1D Barcodes and 2D Datamatrix Codes.
At only 36Lbs, the Max Laser Etching Machine was designed with Portable Laser Etching in mind. Easily move it to another location in your shop or pack it into a Pelican Hard Case and bring the Laser Etching to the point of activity.

*No PC required. The Laser Etching Machine has an embedded PC with Windows 10 built-in. Max Marking Software allows the user to pre-configure and store multiple, Laser Etching Jobs customized for each items you commonly need to mark.
Just connect (monitor and keyboard/mouse not included) your Monitor via the HDMI and a Keyboard/Mouse via the onboard USB/HDMI Ports, for direct control. Alternatively, Connect the Max m5Box20w to your company's WiFi network, via the Ethernet Port or utilize the Andriod App for remote connectivity.

Laser Etching Machine with Embedded Windows 10 PC Controller Easy Focus Red Beam  for Laser Etching

Benchtop Laser Etching Machine Laser Etching Workstation Laser Marking System

    Laser Specifiations of the Max m5Box20w Laser Etching Machine

  • Laser Power: 20w Fiber Laser
  • Laser Wavelength: 1064nm
  • Beam Quality: M<1.4
  • Frequency Tunable Range: 30-60khz
  • Marking Area(standard):100mm x 110mm (F=160mm).
  • Engraving Line Speed: 0-15000mm/s
  • Mode for Focusing: Manually Operated Z-axis
  • Marking Speed: 600-1000 characters/min
  • Minimum Line Width: 0.02mm
  • Minimum Character Height: 0.15mm
  • Repetition Accuracy: +/-0.002mm
  • Cooling: Air Cooling
  • Working Temperature: 50-95F / 10-35C
  • Contact Power required for operation - 100V-230V/50-60Hz, 160 Watt

    optional Laser Etching Machine Automation Kits and Upgrades

  • Rotary Laser Engraver Indexing Table.
  • Laser Marking Table X and Y Axis Worktable.
  • Rotary Laser Engraver Chuck a Tool for Laser Etching circumferences.
  • Laser Safety Glass...don't forget, get a pair for every team member that will opearte or observe the Laser Etching Machine

Consider the Industrial Laser Supplier behind the System...
"Since 1962"

Laser Etching Machine Applications for the Mx m5Box-20W Fiber Laser

Laser Etching Metal

Laser Etching for Metal

Laser Etching produces a crisp and legible mark, Date Codes and Lot/Batch Numbers and Datamatrix Barcodes onto Metals with Max m5Box-20W Fiber Laser.
Laser Etched Keyboard

Laser Etched Keyboard Printer

Empower your Production Line, Manufacturers needing to produce Laser Etched Keyboards will appreciate the ease of use and print quality of the Laser Etching Machine Printer.
Laser Etching Aluminum

Laser Etching Aluminum

Manufacturers of Aluminum Parts need not look further for an affordable and quality machine for Laser Etching Aluminum.
Laser Etching Machines for Electronic Manufacturing with 2D Datamatrix Code

Part Number and Datamatrix Code Label for Electronic Manufacturing with Laser Etching Machine

Laser Etching of Small Text Part Numbers onto PC Circuit Boards, Metal Casing and ic Chip found in Electronic Manufacturing.
Laser Etch Plastic and Composites

Laser Etching Plastic

The Max M5Box is a perfect choice to Laser Etch on Plastic for permanent Laser Marking of Part Numbers, Barcodes or really intricate Images.
Laser Etching Anodized Aluminum

Laser Etching Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum is a perfect match to Laser Etch Part Numbers, Barcodes, Logos and Images.

Laser Marking Datamatrix 2D Code, Laser Etching Smartphone Cases and Beverage Containers -
MAX Laser Etching Machines.

Laser Marking a Datamatrix Barcode on Automotive Parts

Laser Etching Image Personalization Beverage Container

Laser Etching Machine for Smartphone iPhone Personalization

Max m5-Box20W Resources
brochures, manuals, technical specs

  • Dimensions: 00.00"(w) x 0.00"(h) x 0.00"(d)

  • Kit Shipping Weight: lbs

      • Shipping Weight: lbs

          What's in the Box:

        • Max m5Box20w Laser Etching Machine System with Ports

        • Built-in easy focus Red Laser Beam Pointer

        • Manually Operated Z-Axis

        • Windows Software is built-into controller, No PC required.

        • External power supply: 100-230V,50/60Hz

        • Laser Safety Glasses (1-Pair)

        • USB Stick with User Manuals

          Item: MaxM5-Box20W

          Our Price: $Call for Quote

Laser Etching Machine Accessories
Optional Laser Etching Tools

Rotary Laser Engraver Chuck

Rotary Laser Engraver Chuck
Laser Etching Tool attachment

Item: ETCHTOOL-Laser-Chuck
Price: $795.00

Laser Marking Table X and Y Axis Worktable for Laser Etching

Laser Marking Table X and Y Axis Worktable
Laser Etching Tool attachment

Item: ETCHTOOL-Laser-XYTable
Price: $495.00

Rotary Laser Engraver Table

Rotary Laser Engraver Table
Laser Etching Tool attachment

Item: ETCHTOOL-Laser-RotaryTable
Price: $1,495.00

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Applications For Laser Etching Machines

Laser Marking and Etching
Text, Date/Time, Images, 1D Barcodes and 2D Codes Datamatrix and QR Codes

Connect to CSV/Excel for Marking Variables Data

Laser Etching
Changes the surface finish of metals, it alters its reflectivity and enhances contrast. Removes 0.001" or less of the material.

Laser Marking
Creates high-contrast annealing marks without disrupting the material's surface.

Laser Ablation
This process works by focusing a laser onto a substrate to remove a material that is on it's surface.

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