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Mobile InkJet Printer Pen
dates, time, numbers and custom text in a handheld pen

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SpeediJet 798 Mobile InkJet Printing Pen

Reiner's SpeediJet 798 is a remarkable Mobile InkJet Pen. Handheld InkJet Prining for truly portable Marking of custom text, Time, Date or Numbers in a device that is quality in construction.

We’re taking mobile printing to the next level. With just a flick of the wrist, the speed-i-Jet 798 effortlessly prints up to 40 characters in the blink of an eye, printing on flat and uneven porous surfaces. With it’s lightweight, pocket-sized design, the speed-i-Jet 798 can be taken on the go, so you’re always ready to make your mark. Consider it your new magic wand. .

*The included PC Easy Set Software allows the user to pre-configure and then download the customized imprints.

SpeediJet798 Printer Pen Starter Kit

    Features of the SpeediJet 798 Mobile InkJet Printing Pen

  • One line imprints
  • Character size 1/8 inch
  • Up to 40 characters can be imprinted
  • A user will press the Red Print Button on the SpeediJet 798 Mobile InkJet Printer Pen, while making a
    Left-to-Right motion across (and near) the surface to be printed
  • Suitable for right and left-handed operators
  • Pocket Sized, easily carry in a Lab Coat, pant pocket or purse, or arond your neck with the provided lanyard
  • Store Imprint can include Custom Text, Time-Date or Numbers

  • The SpeediJet 798 Mobile InkJet Printer Pen is only able to print on absorbent surfaces. Ink will NOT
    adhere to non-porous substrates such as, metal, plastic and glass

    additional models of Handheld InkJet Printers from Reiner

  • The JetStamp 790 - Stationary Printhead allows for two-line printing and will perform on bulky and uneven
  • The JetStamp 791 - MS Office Integration.
    (selected text in MS-Word is ready for printing with 791)
  • The JetStamp 790MP - Stationary Printhead allows for two-line printing, with Quick-Dry Ink designed to print on,
    and adhere to, non-absorbent substrates

Consider the Supplier behind the System...
"Since 1962"

SpeediJet 798 InkJet Printing on Cardboard Box and Paper Speed i Jet 798 Sample Imprints

Product Resources
brochures, manuals, technical specs

  • User Manual

  • Dimensions: 1.25"(w) x 6.80"(h) x 1.70"(d)

  • Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.

    What's in the Box:

  • SpeediJet 798 InkJet Printer Pen

  • PC Set Easy Software for configuring imprints

  • USB Download Cable

  • Neck Lanyard

  • (1) standard Black Ink Cartridge

  • (2) AAA Rechargeable Batteries

    Item: SpeediJet 798

    Our Price: 395.00

System Accessories
Optional Upgrades and Supplies

Replacement Quick-Dry Black InkJet Cartridge Replacement Black InkJet Cartridge
for SpeediJetJet 798

Ink Color=BLACK
MfgNo: EM790BK

Item: CART-798-Black
Price: $26.00

Replacement Quick-Dry Red InkJet Cartridge Replacement Red InkJet Cartridge
for SpeediJetJet 798

Ink Color=RED
MfgNo: EM790RED

Item: CART-798-Red
Price: $26.00

Replacement QDX Quickest-Dry Black InkJet Cartridge Replacement Blue InkJet Cartridge
for SpeediJetJet 798
Ink Color=BLUE

MfgNo: EM790BL

Item: CART-798-Blue
Price: $26.00

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