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Electric Embosser Seal Machine
comply with Laws for Notary Seals and Regulations or Legislation when an Embossed Seal is required

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SecureSeal 70 Electric Embosser Machine

A heavy-duty, easy to use, Raised SEAL Embosser Machine

These machines create “raised” seals in Vital Records Documents, which cannot be duplicated....perfect for compliance when Embossing Seal machines are required to legitimatize original documents for Circuit Court and District Court, Counties Clerk of Courts, Universities, and Corporations as well as Notary Public.

Custom Embosser Seal Engraving is Included... TEXT, and LOGO Seal Artwork

Customized Embossed Seal Sample

    Features of the New Kon Secure Seal 70 Electric Embosser

  • Just Insert the Vital Records Document to be validated, automatically activates and creates the Embossed Raised Seal.
  • Built-In Adjustable Back Guage and Side Guide
  • Whisper Quiet Operation (50dB)
  • Key Lock Prevents Unauthorized Use
  • Easily Interchangeable Dies
  • Operation is Easy and Safe
  • Sturdy and Reliable
  • Carrying Handle
  • Table Top Footprint
  • Quality Hand Engraved Brass Dies for Embossed Seal

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Consider the Supplier behind the System...
"Since 1962"

Electric Embosser - New Kon SecureSeal 70

Product Resources
brochures, manuals, technical specs

  • User Manual

  • Dimensions: 3.70"(w)x 11.20"(d)x 7.20"(h)

  • Shipping Weight: 19.60 lbs.

    What's in the Box:

  • Secure Seal 70 Embosser Machine (Electrically Operated)

    Item: SecureSEAL-70-Electric

    Our Price: $2,150.00

Embosser Seal Accessories
Optional Upgrades and Supplies

  • Call to Order, additional Engraved Custom Embossed Seals, that can be interchanged in your Electric Embosser Machine.

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  • Item: SecureSEAL-70-            Electric

    Our Price: $2,150.00

    Availability: Typically ships within 2-3 weeks

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