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Amano TruTime

Automated Time Clock System

TruTime Automates the Collection, Calculation and Preparation of data for your payroll. TruTime provides you with powerful tools to analyze your labor costs and increase the efficiency of your operations.

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Software Features

TruTime Employee Edit ScreenShot
TruTime Employee Screen

TruTime Employee Punch Edit Screenshot
Employee Punch Edit Screen

· Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
· Password Access to software features based on Login ID
· Unlimited Pay Codes, such as Vacation, Jury Duty, Sick Time, etc.
· Handles Basic and Complex rounding/overtime rules and policies
· Automatic Holiday rules
· Lunch and/or Break Punches
· Powerful Zone Differential and Wage Calculation features are standard with TruTime
   (automate the calculation of Special Pay Rates and Shift Differential policies)

· Many Employee Database employee capacities available
· Auto-poll / Auto-Report feature
· Access Control / Signal control feature
· Messaging to terminal
· Optional Multiple User Database
· Optional TruAccruals Module
   (Power Users will appreciate the cabability of the TruAccruals module, for calculating Off Time pay codes such as Vacation, Sick Time and Comp. Time Hours, etc.)

· Optional PC Punch module
· Optional Mobile Punch module

Data Collection
Amano offers more Data Collection choices for your timekeeping needs, than any other brand.

MTX-20 Card Swipe Reader      Mobile Punch...for offsite collection of employee Punches and Job Transfers, using Palm Pilot type handheld computers      PC Punch-PC TimeClock...Punch In-Out from your computer      Hand Punch...eliminates Buddy Punching by employees

· Badge Swipe Readers
· Hand Punch Reader
· PC Punch
· Mobile Punch software for Palm Pilot type Handheld computers
      (Collect employee Punches and Job Transfers at the point of activity)

Hardware CONNECTION...
· RS-232 (wire up to 100 feet, single clock)
· RS-485 (wire up to 4000 feet, multiple clocks)
              (note: requires line driver/converter)
· Optional TCP/IP-Ethernet/Internet
· Optional Modem

TruTime Reports can be run by your specified Date Range, and reports can be displayed on the Screen, Printed or Saved to a File.

Sort reports by Cost Center, Department, Job Class, Shift, User Defined Fields, etc.

· Time Card Report                                                 · Time Distribution Report (report writer)
· Who's In-Who's Out Report                                   · Schedule vs. Actual
· Accumulation Hours                                              · Threshold Report
· Attendance Report                                                · Manpower Report
· Absenteeism Report                                              · Zone Analysis
· Tardiness Report                                                  · Audit Trail
· Wage Report                                                        · Historical Exception
· Labor Analysis Report (Labor Distribution)               · Tip Report
· Many More... 

Payroll Exports
Payroll Exports can eliminate the redundant and inaccurate task of "Hand Keying" employee hours into your accounting or payroll service software.

Many Payroll Exports are available for your Payroll Service or Accounting Software Package.

· Quickbooks Pro
· Ceridian
· Paychex
· Peachtree/Win
· Peachtree 2000
· MAS/90
· TruTime Reports can be exported into useable data and the Generic Amano ASCII Format are   included
· Custom Exports are available with your supplied file specifications.

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