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Parking Gates/Building Access
AGP-1700 Parking Gate...provides access control to parking lots and garages Keypad Access Controller Magnetic Stripe Access Control Card Reader

  Adobe Acrobat Reader
Parking Ticket...with Magnetic Stripe         Parking Ticket Dispenser...dispenses ticket and allows Parking Gate to open for access to parking lot or garage
           Parking Ticket...with Facility Logo and/or Bar Code

Carpenter's Time Systems offers a complete line of Amano Cincinnati Access Control Parking Gates.

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Services and Supplies
· Lot Layout Design assistance
· Parking Gates
· Gooseneck Pedestals
· Ticket Machines
· Card Access Readers; Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, Weigand, Bump Card, Token,

· Tokens
· Access Cards / Badges
· Parking Tickets
AGP-1700 Parking Gate Features
The AGP-1700 is designed to meet all of your Parking Control needs

· Microprocessor Based Logic & Functionality
· Standard "Extra Sensory" safety feature
· Polyethylene Cover will not Crack or Peel
· Replacement Footprint for other brand Gates
· Four Modes of Operation; One Way Pay, Free Direction, Bi-Directional Lane,
  Input/Output controller

Card Access Readers
Magnetic Stripe Access Control Card Reader      Keypad Access Controller          Proximity Access Control Card Reader
Many Cards Technologies to choose from....

· Keypad
· Magnetic Stripe
· Barcode
· Weigand
· Proximity
· Tokens

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