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  Adobe Acrobat Reader
  Minutes are Money

 >Decimal Equivalent Of Minutes   (233 KB)
 >Minutes are Money   (195 KB)
ARES Watchman System 
 >Areas Report   (220kb)
 >ARES Watchman Datasheet   (203kb)
 >Shifts Report   (252kb)
 >Tour Report   (81kb)
ATR2020 System 
 > HASP Key Install Fix for WinXP SP2   (4MB)
 >ATR2020 Software Demo v315   (31MB)
ATR9800 System 
 > HASP Key Install Fix for WinXP SP2   (4MB)
 >Acro Rawdata Punch File   (13KB)
 >Acrocomm Module   (300KB)
 >Acrocomm User Manual   (1.3MB)
 >ATR9800 Software Demo v315   (19MB)
 >External Buzzer Installation   (41 KB)
 >Remote Rs-485 LAN Modem Switch Settings   (4 KB)
 >RS-232 & External Modem Wiring Diagram   (549 KB)
 >RS-485 & External Modem Wiring Diagram   (613 KB)
 >Signal & Access Relay   (27 KB)
Model 125/150 Time Recorder 
 >Models 125 & 150 User Manual   (56 KB)
Model 200 Clip-O-Matic 
 >Model 200 User Manual   (58 KB)
Model 310 Time Totalizer 
 >Model 310 User Manual   (6087 KB)
Model ET/ETC Time Stamp 
 >Time Stamp User Manual   (169 KB)
 >Net-HASP License Manager Updated Driver   (6MB)
Pendulum Enterprise System 
 > HASP Key Install Fix for WinXP SP2   (4MB)
TimeQ /TimeQ Plus 
 >TimeQ-Plus Quick Start Sheet   (1292 KB)
 >Decimal Equivalent Of Minutes   (234 KB)
 >Minutes are Money   (195 KB)
 >DemoC   (3MB)
 >DemoP   (3MB)
 >DemoS   (23MB)
 >DemoU   (3MB)
 >TruTime version 5.0 Update   (17 MB)
Plastic ID Card Printers 
 >About Plastic Card Printing   (689kb)
Check In-Out Demo 
 >Intellitrack Check In/Out Software Demo   (93kb)

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