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Increase the awareness of your personnel and the security of your facility with a Badge ID System to help identify employees and visters.

Badges and ID Cards have become part of everyone’s life, from credit cards to driver licenses, membership cards to employee identification badges. Their standard size, portability and durability have made them the vehicle of choice for many applications.

Our Badge Identification Systems will provide your company, school or organization with a Cost Effective, User Friendly system to generate Professional ID Badges for your personnel, with or without a photo.

“Let us design an Badge ID system that is right for your organization”

Photo Identification Cards are generally produced using either a…

   * Traditional Film Based method
       1) Take an instant Polaroid photo of the person, cut and trim the picture to            fit the card.
       2) Separately print the person’s ID information on a card sized piece of paper             or card stock.
        3) Laminate the picture and card together. 

        Time Consuming Multi-Step process, Cards are easily counterfeited or         altered.

   * Digital Plastic Card ID Printing System
      1) Take Digital Picture (real time image capture) of Person.
      2) Cards are printed on a PVC Plastic Card directly from the computer.
          The Card Design software stores Badge Layout…includes (Text, Graphics,           Pictures, Barcodes, etc.) this allows on demand printing, from a password           protected software package.

       One to Two Step Process, Cards are more secure and tamper proof.
* Employee Badges
* Access Control Cards
* Student Badges
* Membership Cards


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