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InkJet Coding Conveyor and Bottomless Conveyors
Accessories for InLine InkJet Printers and Industrial InkJet Printer Production Lines

Carpenter's Time Systems is a solutions driven company, offering Sales, Service, Supplies and User Training for InkJet Marking.

We are intetested in providing valuable information on the right products, that can be paired with our InLine InkJet Printers products...we make inkjet marking easy.

The information on this page will get your team started on the correct path for selecting the proper accessories for your InkJet Marking project. We are serious about your success, Contact Us today.

Low-Profile InkJet Coding Conveyor

Low-Profile InkJet Coding Conveyor

The low profile InkJet Coding conveyor features an ultra-low-profile frame. This compact design allows for installations in confined locations and provides added accessibility for workers in assembly, packaging, inkjet marking, labeling, and other operations.

Common Lengths for the conveyor, when utilized for InkJet Marking processes are typically from 3-foot, 4 foot or 5 foot.
Next, select a Conveyor Stand, to put the surface at an optimum height, for the marking being performed. Optional Caster-Wheels for the stand can provide, easy rollaway.

Table-Top InkJet Coding Conveyor

Table-Top InkJet Coding Conveyor

The table top InkJet Coding conveyor features a frame that extends above the belt roller, this frame can be utilized as short guide rails. This design also allows for inkjet marking operations to be performed on a tabletop.

Common Lengths for the table-top conveyor, when utilized for InkJet Marking processes can be from 2 to 4 foot in length.

Bottomless Conveyor - Side Grip Transfer Conveyor

Bottomless Conveyor

The Bottomless Coding Conveyor features a split frame and two side belts designed to grip the Bottle Sides, and convey the containers across the Bottomless area. This design also allows for inkjet coding and marking operations to be performed on the bottom of bottles and cylindrical containers.

Another common use for the Bottomless Conveyor is referred to as a Side Grip Transfer Conveyor. This allows transfer of bottles/containers from one inline Conveyor to another, and if required, offers the flexibility to change direction of product flow.

For the CIJ Continuous Inkjet Printers, it is aptly named a Bottom Coding Conveyor.

Accessories for InkJet Coding Conveyors

Table Top Feet or Floor Stands for InkJet Conveyors

Table Top Feet or Floor Stands

Select a Conveyor Stand, to put the surface at an optimum height, for the InkJet Coding and marking being performed. Optional, Caster-Wheels for the stand can provide, easy rollaway.

Belt Options for InkJet Conveyors

Conveyor Belts InkJet Coding; options for widths, material, and cleating

Many choices of Conveyor Belts are available, select width and materials to optimize the InkJet Coding Conveyor for your Case Coding or Parts Marking and printing operations. Flat or Cleated Belts are available. Also choose from Black Low-friction PVC, All-Purpose White Belting, etc. Specialty Belts can be chosen to address High Temp, wipedown, severe chemical exposure and ESD-rated anti-static environments.

Guide Rails for InkJet Coding Conveyor

Guide Rails

Guide Rails can move and automatically position product boxes,small bottles, or large round containers, thus concentrating the items being moved down the conveyor to an optimum position to cross the InkJet Print Head, for the printing function to occur.

Manufacturers and Contract Packaging teams utilize Conveyors for InkJet Marking of expiation dates, batch codes and lot numbers on parts and product containers.

Suited for low volume to moderately high-volumes, our InkJet Coding Conveyors will drastically improved your workflow and in-turn increase accuracy and compliance for your InkJet Marking processes or production lines.

Smaller packaging operations can now empower their production lines with an affordable InkJet Marking system, to meet the compliance regulations of thier particular industry, without the drastic cost.

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